Epiphany Kingsville





Children's focus

The children begin their Sunday in church and after the Psalm is read they have a focus time with the Rector before heading for the fun in their classes.
We celebrated First Communions in a wonderful Easter celebration this year.

Anyone interested in serving at the 10:30am service, please contact Fr Bryan! We will welcome Taylor and Lucas to the Servers Guild this summer.



Renovations were made to our Sunday School Rooms -
After repainting and new whiteboards we had an artist paint Noah's ark in the Infant room. So much care has gone into keeping the classrooms clean and viable for our youth.  New Chairs were purchased as well. Thank you to all who have helped


school chairs

A Letter from our Sunday School Superintendent

We had a great year in Sunday School! I want to thank all of the parents and grandparents for bringing the children every Sunday. Without you, we wouldn't have a Sunday School! If you wish to see what the kids have been up to, make sure you stop and check out our bulletin board downstairs. We have been busy! The fundraiser for Angel Camp raised enough money to send 3 children to camp. With funds from the Sunday School account, we will send another 2 children. I am so proud of the generosity of church. Thank you!

Our last day of classes will be June 23. After the summer break, we will resume September 8. Thank you to those who have helped in the Sunday School this year. I appreciate it very much! I am always looking for volunteers. If you can help for even one Sunday through the year, please contact myself or the church office. "Right now you have plenty and can help those who are in need. Later, they will have plenty and can share with you when you need it. In this way, things will be equal." 2 Corinthians 8:14

Have a blessed and safe summer!

Natalie Jenking


We Welcomed Santa again to our Christmas Party

PUMPKIN Carving & PIZZA!  

This event is held after our service! Our annual pizza & pumpkin carving party was held Sunday Oct 28th following the service. It's always a fun event. Our young people carve their Halloween pumpkins big or small, spooky and cute.   The entire parish enjoys a pizza lunch. Join us!


CHURCH PICNIC/Sunday School BBQ was on Father's Day - We picnic'd on pulled pork and salads on the church property following our 10:30am worship.

HURON Church CAMP was offered but no one attended this year. Epiphany attended a Deanery Fundraising event held at Cooper's Hawk Winery, late in Oct which helped to raise funds for more camp renovations.

 We would like to thank those who are considering helping our superintedent Natalie in this very important ministry in the church. 


The youth have 2 outreach programs that they are working on currently. They are learning about giving to and loving those who may not have as many blessings in life as we do. Our students raised enough money to send 4 children to Angel Tree camp. This is what Jesus has taught us.


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Our BBQ'd Pork & Chicken, with salads, are always a big hit. a
It's a fun social time with games for the kids! Our date will be posted soon!