Epiphany Outreach


Church of the Epiphany
Worshipping in Canada's most southern town since 1853



  • May Rummage Sale coming up. Gather your treasures! (the Oct Rummage Sale $2325.65 was realized). Thank you for your support

  • Church Breakfast was Sunday April 29th for Huron Hunger Fund Sunday.  We previously held a Soup lunch to help Lillian on her mission with PWRDF to Malawi. Almost $400 was raised. She returned to tell us of her trip and we almost raised $400 again through the breakfast.

  • We collected birthday kits! We donated cake mixes, sparklers, icing, foil baking trays etc...required to bake a cake. Kits were compiled for the foodbank so that children related to the foodbank can have a birthday cake to celebrate with.  Thank you.

  • We collected for the Good Fellows Food Hampers 1 Kg jars of Peanut butter to fill our windows and help others in the community. ALSO, Operation Christmas Child boxes have been sent and the ACW is selling a limited number of Church Calendars, so inquire quickly if you want one!

  • The complimentary Christmas Dinner Dec 25th, was served at noon to 95 people. Young & old, rich & poor, enjoyed turkey, ham and all the trimmings.
  • Anonymous donours again financed gifts for families in Kingsville for Christmas. Santa delivered much needed clothes and toys in an outreach to make Christmas for people who otherwise wouldn't have one.
  • The Harvest donations of food items decorated the church and were later donated to the Kingsville Foodbank following our Harvest Thanksgiving Services. The church was gorgeous
  • Essex Deanery Golf Tournament will be Wed June 20, 2018 at 7 Lakes. We sent 3 teams to support the Essex Deanery Children and Youth Ministry last year! Fr Bryan & Art will cook steaks for the event after their own round of golf!

  • Meals on Wheels deliveries are  Wednesdays all fall through to Christmas

We have collected for a Medical Mission to Haiti, on Mothers' Day corsages are distributed, Operation Christmas Child boxes are filled as well. In all we actively participate in missions.


Pastoral Care Team Meeting

The pastoral Care Committee performs an extremely valued ministry to the parish, by keeping in touch with people outside the parish. As well as visiting, they keep in touch with the most vulnerable through seasonal remembrances, also mailing pray cards to parishioners.

We meet at 9:30 am on the second Sunday of each month to update on our outreach ministry to shut-ins.




Rummage Sale

Deanery Clericus

Corsages for Mother's Day

Hunger Fund Sunday


Church Picnic

Golf Tournament

Worship to the Community

Epiphany offers Wednesday Eucharist's to Southgate, Royal Oak and Kingsville Court residents in this community. Keep your eye on the events calendar for dates.

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 E reports are available to those who email a request for them. Sunday's bible readings, a synopsis of the sermon and announcements are available in the mailing.

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Huron Hunger Fund

First Sunday in May we focus on HHF. The Huron Hunger Fund is the mission outreach charity of the Anglican Church of Canada. Our service and breakfast raised funds for Maternal Assistance in Africa.

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There are many ministries to give thanks for; We continuously supply our local food bank, collect bread tabs for the blind, and stamps for the Bible Society .

The loaning of our extra walkers are available from the church.



On HHF Sunday May 6th we will again attempt to arrange donated loonies the length of the isle. We did it last year and had to start back again! Let's try and match that donation of over $1000 which was taken to the Diocesan Annual Synod service for the Huron Hunger Fund/PWRDF to help with projects throughout Canada and the world. 



in November

Our Collection of coats for the Adult winter coats program, is very popular. Coats went out to those in need, as well as hat/mitten/scarf sets. We do keep some coats but after the distribution days most of the coats then move on to another town for continued distribution.


Our parish collects for the Kingsville Food bank by not only publishing needs in the church bulletin weekly but also having a grocery cart at the entrance for people to easily donate. Marylin Allen retired as the lead coordinator after 25 years. We thank her for her immense dedication to this cause in our community.


The parish received a donation of wool and we are turning that into small blankets for the laps of wheelchair users. Some are crocheting while others are knitting. We could use more volunteers; you make what you like 30" x45". Please see Vicki

ACW Sponsored Pie Makers

We make fruit pies at festival time with local ingredients and the rest of the year we make meat pies. This group is a major donor to Epiphany development projects as well as other projects locally. It is fun working and lunching together in support of the parish and the community! Come out anytime Men too! We could use your strong shoulders to roll dough and move pies to the freezers


The doll makers of Epiphany are now also making small quilts for the hospital's Neonatal unit. These quilts are from our excess material during the doll making for hospitalized children. They will help families of stillborn children as well as others with loss or distress.

The hospital requires 60 dolls a month!

We are also creating tote bags for the inmates at the Windsor jail as part of this ministry.