Epiphany Music

Church of the Epiphany
Worshipping in Canada's most southern town since 1853



Our group is always welcoming of more voices,
 please don't hesitate to join us for practice
Thursday nights at 7:00


 The choir rested for summer and Paul asked for other musical talents to fill in. We've had folk guitar leadership, a spanish Ave Maria and various duets to name a few, add to our summer worship over the years. Thank you to all for sharing.


Now the choir begins Thursday night practices again starting Sept 7th. We have anthems to prepare for every Sunday and extra music for Christmas  lessons & carols as well as special selections for Remembrance in the fall. If you want to sing please join us!


We are happy to welcome Rob to the Bass section this year!

- Sunday morning warmup at 10:00am, we have an anthem every week.

- Thursday night practice held at 7:00pm in the choir stalls, until early June when we break until Sept.

- Mid December is our annual Christmas Lessons and Carols service.

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CHOIRChristmas Practice
We are led by our organist Paul Wharram as we prepare extra music at festival times and we love having guests. The choir is always open to new members. Our Roast Beef Dinner in October helps us to raise funds helps us to be self sufficent for purchasing music and choir gowns while also financially supporting the parish. We assisted with the church sign, instrument tuning, and general parish funds. See you Thursday at 7:00 New Members encouraged!

-Our Annual Roast Beef Choir Dinner is in line with Kingsville's Migration Festival, in Oct. Best meal anywhere. We had a successful night again this year, thank you to all who helped.We will continue to support our parish, our music purchases and organ tuning. From 2016 fund raising we made an $8000 donation to the parish in thanks for their support, handling of administration and music costs.

Our important role in the church rests with regular choir practices, participation each Sunday and preparing special music for occasions like the Bishop's visit, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas.

We sing music responses during worship; for example the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) arrangement by Peter Nardone, also Lord Hear our Prayer and 5 fold Amen.

  Organist Paul playing on our rebuilt organ. With the 3 manuals and full pedalboard, it includes a midi system and more recently chimes!